J A Construction Co 


License #896739

Here at J A Construction Co...

We make it our sole purpose to make your most valuable asset into an Energy Efficient Home. While energy prices continue to rise, we assure to increase your homes value, save you money, and lower your maintenance cost by providing exceptional Energy Efficient products. Lowering your energy consumption will not only save you money but help clean and maintain a healthy environment for generations to come.

your upgrade + our process

We provide you with a team for all your home improvement projects. We do this because it's much easier to provide you with updates, answer any questions you might have quickly, and get the job done more efficiently.

J A Construction Co has been servicing the Greater Los Angeles Area with residential improvements. Over the years we have built a professional construction team of talented, reliable and customer focused workers. Our team prides itself on being detail oriented, reliable, clean, and very easy to work with.