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 4. Install Rafter Mates 

Rafter Mates are installed around vents to ensure proper air flow. It assists in the constant flow of fresh air from soffit vent to attic. Aids in reducing energy loss, moisture build-up and summertime cooling needs. These rafter vents are moisture resistant and will not rot or deteriorate over time.

 5. Install R-Value Rulers

R-Value Rulers are designed to measure the insulation depth when using blown-in insulation. Marked in easy to read numbers and indicators, these rulers will ensure accurate depth measurements for your blown-in insulation job.

 3. Air Sealing Attic Floor

Before we begin Air Sealing the attic, we must first patch any size holes or cracks in the attic floor. After patching, we can begin air sealing such as around the recessed can lights, around ceiling-mounted duct boots, around bath exhaust fans, around plumbing vent pipes, between partition top plates and partition drywall, ceiling electrical boxes, around wiring penetrations through attic floor, and many more. 

Install for Attic Insulation

Wall Insulation

We will Furnish and Install Lifetime non-settling expanding wall insulation inside of wall cavity where applicable. R-13 Blow-in Wall Insulation fills in all gaps and voids in your walls. One of the many benefits is a Blown-in Insulation System, higher R-Value, Superior Sound Control, and Reduced Air Infiltration which will significantly improve the energy efficiency of your home.​

Adding home insulation to an existing home will also increase sound control. Insulation creates a sound barrier, keeping unwanted sounds out and protecting your privacy by keeping the sounds from inside your home from being audible outside. Insulating your home also creates a moisture barrier, keeping unwanted moisture out of your house. Home insulation creates an added barrier between you and the outside world, keeping your home environment regulated, healthy and comfortable.

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 7. R-38 Insulation

Instead of laying batts or rolls, we'll be using the AttiCat®Insulation Blowing Machine to shoot AttiCat® Expanding Blown-In PINK® Fiberglas™ Insulation by fluffing it along the length of the hose, adding millions of the tiny air pockets that give the material its insulating power. Because Fiberglas™insulation will not settle, it will maintain the same energy-saving level over time, keeping your home comfortable for years to come. Approximately 12-14 inches of insulation.

 6. Install Heat Shields and Repair HVAC Ducting

Heat shields will be installed on electrical to protect from fire hazards. We'll also be inspecting the ducts, these are the parts through which hot and cold air circulate around a home and they are attached to a specific system designed for forced air temperature regulation. If it's not repaired, air leakage can cause your HVAC system to work harder to match up to thermostat settings, and may increase energy bills.

 2. Inspect the Attic 

We inspect the attic before we begin for the reason we might find mildew, rodent excrement, mold, or even asbestos. The problem with asbestos, if disturbed, can release asbestos fibers in the air which can perhaps go through small cracks or holes, and even into your ducting system which can then cause lung issues. That's when our team of certified waste removal comes into play to take control andremove anything that may be harmful and disinfecting the attic before beginning air sealing.

Attic, Wall, and Floor Insulation​​

Insulating your home will add to your comfort, create a healthier home environment, reduce your energy bills and have a positive environmental impact.

When insulation is properly installed, it really pays for itself in around five to six years  because it makes better use of the energy and heat in your house. Reduces the cost of heating and cooling by over 40%.

Floor Insulation

​If your house has a crawl space foundation or if you have cold floors above your crawl space then insulation is a must have. Due to the difficulty of accessing the crawl space, insulation is often overlooked when people are aiming to improve energy efficiency and reduce heating and cooling problems. We will Furnish and Install R-19 Fiber Glass Batt Insulation.

Install for Wall & Floor Insulation

1. Remove existing old attic insulation

​It's a good idea to remove old insulation before adding New Blown-in FiberGlass Insulation for a few good reasons. One of them is you can potentially have dangerous mildew or rodent excrement. Another is to make sure your attic space is properly air sealed and has no mold. Insulation that gets dirty with dust will be less effective. If your utility bills are rising, it’s possible that your old insulation has lost its effectiveness.

 7. Insulate Attic Access Door

The attic access door will have insulation batts attached to prevent loose insulation from coming inside. We will also install weather-stripping around hatch opening to seal gaps around the access door.